​2018 Primary Candidates

Candidates for General Election

Mike Collier
for Lt Governor

Dan Wood for US Congress

​​Beto O'Rourke for US Senate

Joi Chevalier
for Comptroller

Chris Spellmon
RR Commissioner

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Kim Olson for
Ag Commissioner

Roman McAllen
​RR Commissioner

Sema Hernandez for US Senate

Tim Mahoney
for Comptroller

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Kendall Scudder for State Senate
District 2

Edward Kimbrough for US Senate​​

Miguel Suazo for
​Land Commissioner

Jeffrey FaceBook
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Tom Wakely
for Governor

Tex Morgan for
​Land Commissioner

Eston Williams
Tx House District 4

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Shunda Lee
Justice of Peace Pct 2

Cedric FaceBook
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Joe Mumbach
for Governor

James Clark
for Governor

​​Bill Pedersen
for 5th District Court of Appeals, Place 9

Bill FaceBook

Grady Yarborough for Governor

Cory Carlyle
for 5th District Court of Appeals, Place 11

Cory FaceBook

Adrian Ocegueda
for Governor

Steven Kirkland
for Texas Supreme Court, Place 2

Steve FaceBook

R K Sandill
for Texas Supreme Court, Place 4

R K FaceBook

Kathy Cheng
for Texas Supreme Court, Place 6

​​ Kathy Twitter ​​

Maria Terri Jackson
Presiding Judge,Court of Criminal Appeals

​​Ramona Franklin
Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 7


Kate Luther
Kaufman County